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About Shaun Lowde

Born in England, Shaun Lowde is a digital content artist and photographer with a lifelong obsession with the arts.  Having initially trained as a classical musician, Shaun also developed an early love of photography winning several prizes for work in conceptual still life.  To pay the bills Shaun went on to study law eventually co-founding a firm dedicated to helping those in the creative industries who were engaged in some of the most cutting edge explorations of their art.  This included a two-year relocation to Los Angeles where Shaun worked with a wide range of media and entertainment companies. Shaun honed his photographic skills through a combination of self-teaching, photographer masterclasses, numerous Royal Photographic Society training courses and an Open University course on Digital Photography.


Having now left the Law, Shaun has relocated to West Wales and has recently graduated  with a first class honours degree in Photography at Coleg Sir Gar (Carmarthenshire School of Art). Shaun's practice has evolved into a wider exploration of digital content as a means of communicating the conceptual.  He uses a range of digital and photographic processes to comment upon contemporary philosophical, environmental and sociological concerns.

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